Obchodno-servisné stredisko Peugeot - BlueBox BA

This modern style hall was finished in 2004 and holds all activities for Peugeot automobiles. Their activities range from services to adminis- tration. The building has a high ceiling which brings light to the sale of Peugeots proud range of cars.

Obchodno-servisné stredisko Peugeot - BlueBox NR

This Peugeot Blue Box was finished in 2005 and it succesfully follows the line of Blue Box-es around Slovakia. The simple, yet strong design perfectly fits all functional requirements. The activities of Peugeot Auto Nitra range from sales to services and administration.

Obchodno-servisné stredisko Peugeot - BlueBox KE

The PEUGEOT service center built in Kosice in 2006 follows the strate- gy of PEUGEOT Blue Box concept. This concept combines functionality and beatiful design. The activities of PEUGEOT FRANCE-TECH company range from sales to services and administration.